YALLA  –  Transport Services
In today’s business environment, steady growth in traffic congestion is a major issue for the company’s productivity. Avoid solo commute that results in employee retention, stress or even accidents. YALLA is your safe, efficient and effective transit shuttle solution. By contracting YALLA you can be assured of your employee’s punctuality, safety and their well-being.


YALLA can design an exclusive shuttle system for your employees. Whatever may your transpiration requirements be, YALLA will operate a fixed route service ensuring your employees are where they need to be anytime they need to be there.


YALLA can customize Qatar transportation to meet your special needs, which may include:


  • Multiple pickups and routing.
  • Shuttle and route design.
  • Event transportation management and/or oversight.
  • Special and custom bus rental services…and more!


YALLA safely transports thousands of passengers a day by providing customized provides transport solutions to fit our client’s requirements. Our fleet of vehicles comes in all shapes and sizes, which allows us to better service each client’s individual transportation needs. Submit a request for a quote today and “Go Green”!



Yalla Consulting is a one-stop transportation consultancy which advises on your transportation options, assesses your existing schedules, and recommends technological improvements to increase efficiency.


What We Offer: We created a comprehensive operational  analysis and costing model, which has provided industry-leading expertise in efficient transportation systems.  Our consultants assist in functional areas of transportation operations, maintenance, and administration.  Yalla Consulting’s technical staff of professionals can assist with projects including:


  • Operator monitoring services.
  • Comprehensive operational analyses.
  • Performance audits.
  • Passenger counts.
  • Special route and corridor analyses.
  • Scheduling reviews.
  • Maintenance auudits.
  • Flet inspection.

Let us help your business “Go Green”-er!

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